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Your space for sharing and organizing your research files
Selective sharing
Easily post relevant files, pictures, records or memories for the whole community or just for your family.
Simple and Secure
Visit Ancestor Cloud anywhere on any device, at your convenience, to access all your genealogy files.
Grow connections
Browse others files, search it by tag, location or person. Build your own cloud of files from others.

Why is it different?
Beautifully made. It's sharing without limits.
Ancestor Cloud helps you showcase your research.
Share and discuss
Have discussions over photos and documents you have shared with others, and have conversations about.
Get ideas and inspiration
Connect with other genealogists and see how they are organizing and storing their research.
Browse and find
Browse all public files on the site by file type, category, chronologically or by user.
Stay up to date
Keep in the research loop of friends you are following and see what they are uploading.
Build a following
Collect and organize files in a way others will want to keep coming back to see.
Excite others
Gain interest of family and friends by showcasing your research in a simple way.
What our users say about us
In a short time Ancestor Cloud has become one of the most valuable services I use to share my genealogy. It is how I share and discuss the content I find daily. Stuff that would get buried in the shoebox is now being discussed and shared in a much more simple way. It's become my genealogy home base.
John Brown, Genealogist

With Ancestor Cloud, it's amazingly simple to share genealogy documents. Much better than email, flash drives, or disks.
David Hill, Blogger

Ancestor Cloud is exactly the tool we have been waiting for! Now we finally have a place for the cool stuff and open sharing! I can't wait to get my family more involved.
Sean Van Dervan, Podcaster / Genealogist

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